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What our clients say


Brent C.
Brent C. | Phoenix

Connor is a miracle worker. Our dog Milo would charge aggressively after every dog he saw and would bark at even the most benign noises at home. After only two appointments, our dog has been ...

Christie B.
Christie B. | Scottsdale

Connor Willey is worth every penny PLUS more! After one training session my husband and I saw a HUGE positive change in our two cavapoos. Connor is giving us the best training advice and guidance ...

Molly L.
Molly L. | Phoenix

We have had a phenomenal experience with Connor!! In just 2 sessions, we noticed a huge transformation in our Labradoodle. Connor has taught us very practical training tools that we have put into ...

Danielle L.
Danielle L. | Phoenix

We started working with Hanna in January for one of our pups (7.5 yrs) who in the month prior started to get aggressive towards our older pup (13 yrs). Luckily it wasn’t to a point where they had to...

Polly F.
Polly F. | Scottsdale

Connors knowledge was exactly what we were looking for in training our dog. We are so excited for our journey! Bonnie learned to much in just our first visit. Highly recommend 😊 - (Google Review)...

Boston L.
Boston L. | Phoenix

Connor and Hanna were the exact solution we needed to get our golden retriever Koa on the right track. They were incredibly professional and were willing to answer our calls anytime we had additional ...

Lanie G.
Lanie G. | Scottsdale

Connor was INCREDIBLE!! His knowledge and our dogs immediate response to his training was truly eye opening and helpful we would recommend him and his services to everyone who needs help with their ...

Orrie T.
Orrie T. | Scottsdale

Our experience with Connor at Bark Busters has been excellent! We rescued our pup and had some challenges with resource guarding and reactivity. Connor’s training methods have allowed us to get ...

Jessica K.
Jessica K. | Scottsdale

Our Bark Busters experience with Connor has been wonderful and life changing for our family! Although we have only had a few sessions so far, over the last few months we have had so much more peace ...

Marit K.
Marit K. | Phoenix

Bark Busters has been so incredible for my dachshund puppy Jojo. Hanna has worked miracles with Jojo. She gave such incredible guidance and education and she has equipped me to handle all the puppy ...

Alexandra M.
Alexandra M. | Scottsdale

I'm so happy I chose Bark Busters! I needed desperate help training my puppy Guy, a mini Australian Shepherd. I couldn't have guests over, we had problems walking on the leash, uncontrollable barking,...

Janine L.
Janine L. | Scottsdale

Connor was amazing, very patient and willing to work through all of our issues with our Malti-poo. We never felt rushed when we got together and really felt that Connor had a great understanding of ...

Amanda G.
Amanda G. | Phoenix

Bark Busters, specifically Connor, has been life changing for my dog and my family! When we reached out, we couldn't take our dog in public for fear of him aggressing towards other animals or people. ...

Cindy R.
Cindy R. | Phoenix

I had purchased a new Corgi puppy last year and had some big issues with her that I could not deal with on my own. My vet recommended Bark Busters and I could not be more grateful for how much their ...



Most behavioral issues are learned based on both experiences and environment. That’s why in home dog training is so effective because this is where most behavioral issues occur and it’s where your dog feels the safest. Because your dog can’t speak English and you can’t “speak dog” many miscommunications occur. At Bark Busters, we can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands.

Does your dog bark constantly when it’s not appropriate?

Does your dog get stressed when you leave?

Does your dog chew and dig out of boredom or otherwise?

Toilet training your puppy should start as soon as the puppy is home with you.

Does your dog continuously repeat certain behaviors more than normal?

Is your dog aggressive toward humans or other dogs?.

Does your dog pull on his leash during a walk and try to walk you?


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Make pulling on the lead a thing of the past. This one-of-a-kind harness is easy to use and needs little effort to get your dog walking by your side using it's patented, revolutionary communication system.